Matt Cooper


Matt is a Mountaineering Instructor (MCI), British Expedition Leader and has extensive experience of guiding in Morocco. Matt has summited and guided the three highest peaks in Morocco (Toubkal, Ras and Mgoun) and has led three successfull expeditions to the summit  of Toubkal (4167m), highest peak in North Afirica.

Languages:  English, French, Greek and some Arabic.






Moroccan Guide

Originating from the Aït Bougmez valley Abdellah grew up in the Mgoun region working as a muleteer when he was young before becoming educated in Geology and becoming a guide in 2014. Abdellah has a vast amount of experience of guiding in Morocco and will work alongside Matt as lead guide on the expedition. 


Langauges - English, Berber, Arabic and French.






Originally from Tabant in the Aït Bougmez valley Omar grew up exploring the mountains and later became a cusinier(Cook) for mountain expeditions. Omar has a talent for expedition cooking a produces high quality meals using local produce ensuring your fuelled up for the expedition. Nobody can cook on expeds like Omar and watching him create a four-course meal for ten people using only two small stoves is a sight to see.

Languages - Berber, French.




Mules and staff welfare

Mules are an essential part of all expeditions and life in Morocco as many areas cannot be accessed by 4x4 or motorbike. The welfare of mules on our expedition is very important to us and ensuring mules carry reduced loads, eat good food and have plenty of time to rest is our key to keeping them in good condition. We only use muleteers who take good care of their mules and do not allow anybody to ride on. All loads are weighed before we set off to stop overloading and weights are kept well below the recommended amounts! 



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