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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

I have two addictions in this world, number one is the outdoors and the other… yes you guessed it, coffee!  If your anything like me though, crap coffee is like drinking a cheap wine or a warm Guinness, it should never be done, even if your life depends on it. Well maybe not the last bit and if you should find yourself in a life and death situation I would advise you drink it even if it pollutes your soul. 
Anyway back to making coffee and the reason your reading this blog. Below I have listed my top devices for making a top quality coffee when your out in the hills or mountains. 


Stove Top Espresso maker

By far the best way to make a proper espresso style coffee if your in the mountains. It works well on most gas and multi fuel stoves and is relatively lightweight for the size. You will normally find two sizes which offers a single shot or a double. I find the double works well if there are two of you but it’s a much bigger stove to lug around.

-What Coffee to use

Because the water will only contact the coffee for a short period you need to use fine grind coffee to get the best flavour. I personally like the dark roast as its gives an espresso style shot which can be drank on its own or add milk for a normal brew.


If you like a French press (The one with the plunger) or a percolator then you will love the Aeropress. A hipster coffee connoisseur once told me this is the best way to make a filter coffee and if hipsters know one thing, it’s how to make a coffee.  

-What coffee to use.

You get to choose the time of infusion so its not as critical to choose a certain grind. Personally I use normal bagged fresh coffee which is medium grind and that gives the best flavour for me.  Add boiling water, stir it five times, leave it for 15 seconds and push down the plunger. Hey presto.



I have only experienced this gadget being used once when one of my clients served me a luke warm shot of coffee at such high pressure it hit the bottom of the cup and exited the cup in the same second. It was worth mentioning this device but I would only buy it if you intend to walk in areas frequented by bears. I can think of no better way to repel a hungry bear than spraying tepid coffee into his eyes from 50 meters. 

-What Coffee to use

This coffee maker uses specific pods to make the coffee. Personally you could use fairly liquid as your chances of actually drinking it are relatively low due to the velocity that it exits your cup.

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