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Tuesday, November 03, 2020

In my role as a Mountaineering Instructor, I really enjoy testing new equipment and my daily mountain raids present plenty of opportunities to get out into the mountains and test this kit to the limit.

At the start of the summer the folks at Montane sent me the new High Alpine 20 pack to test out and see how well it performed with day to day use in the mountains.

Montane’s description of this pack is as follows

“the High Alpine 20 utilises the incredibly strong yet lightweight RAPTOR Diamond fabric to create an extremely low weight yet exceptionally tough high-altitude mountaineering and climbing pack. Fully featured and able to take all gear required the High Alpine 20 is ideal for a day’s assault in the mountains.”

For me its super lightweight and I love the simplicity with only one main compartment and four pockets all positioned exactly where you want them. A truly minimalistic approach which leaves little to go wrong and allows every inch to be utilised when its being used.

The material is Raptor Diamond fabric which is super tough. This year I’ve been squeezing through chimneys, scrapping up sharp sea cliff rock and generally giving it a hard time. Its still holding strong and the material shows little sign of wear.

The side pocket has become especially useful for a guidebook and some snacks. The tag on the zip allows you to unzip the pocket and remove items without taking the pack off. Perfect if you're trying to figure out where your route goes and just need a quick glance at the guidebook.

Daily use of a pack means daily opportunities for me to lose my car keys and phone. The inside pocket keeps your essentials together and the key hook on the inside has given me somewhere to hang my car key so it wont fall out. A situation that has happened on far too many occasions for me to admit!

The chest pocket is small but useful for storing snack bars or a small map and compass. I often put my energy bars inside and sometimes the GoPro if I am taking pictures of routes.

Overall, I am really impressed with this pack. Super lightweight, super minimalistic and ticks all the boxes for me. The back padding is adequate and the shoulder straps large enough to reduce pressure on my shoulders. A true fast and light inspired pack for all levels of mountaineer from beginner through to super mountain wad!

Matt Cooper

Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor MCI


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